F-M Ambulance Holds EMT Classes to Prevent EMS Organizations from Closing

North Dakota has had 3 EMS organizations close down due to a lack of volunteers

FARGO, N.D. — EMS organizations statewide are suffering due to the lack of volunteers.

F-M Ambulance is now holding a semester long training program to try and change that.

The state of North Dakota has already counted that three EMS organizations in the state have had to close down due to low numbers of volunteers.

“If they don’t have enough volunteers to cover 24-7 coverage to get at least two people in the back of an ambulance to transport people, they can’t provide the service,” said Ron Lawler, the Director of Education for Sanford Health.

This poses an even bigger problem for people in life threatening situations who need EMTs and paramedics in a timely manner.

“Most emergency situations, if it’s very serious, the first two hours are the most important,” said EMT Student, Brenda¬†Marzigliano. “Getting at least EMS out there so that we can get everybody on board and we can get those people where they need to be within those first two hours.”

“There are emergencies, heart attacks, traumas where the time matters,” added Lawler. “Having to wait longer for an ambulance will cause them to have worse outcomes.”

To avoid that, F-M ambulance and Sanford Health have teamed up to train people to take on these jobs.

People who take the classes say they were encouraged to join their local EMT or paramedic staff after some of their friends and family were in an accident.

“I have two siblings that were in very bad accidents and it is EMTs and ALS and lifeflight that saved their lives and they’re both alive today because of that,” explained¬†Marzigliano. “I would like to be part of a team that that’s the goal. That’s the objective.”

“I like to be there for others when it’s the worst time in your life and I’ve actually had to call EMS before myself for members of my family,” said EMT student, Hannah¬†Lundsterom. “I know how important it is to have somebody be there who can help you and I want to be that person if I’m able to.”

If you’re interested in taking classes, visit sanfordhealthemseducation.org

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