North Dakota Heart Gallery Hoping You Can Make a Heart Connection with a Child

The North Dakota Heart Gallery is trying to change that by putting a face to each name

FARGO, ND — In the United States, about 51,000 kids are put up for adoption every year.

The North Dakota Heart Gallery is introducing some children to the community who are looking for a forever home.

“There’s nothing like knowing this is my forever home,” said Jane Nelson, a mother of an adopted child from the Heart Gallery.

But for hundreds of children, they are still looking.

“The amazing thing about the Heart Gallery is these photographers have a way of capturing an inner spot of these children that has a way of connecting with families,” said Leanne Miller, a member of the ND Heart Gallery Board of Directors.

The North Dakota Heart Gallery is putting a face to each name.

“They are really seeing a lot about the children that you can’t get on a piece of paper,” said Steve Nelson, a father of an adopted child from the Heart Gallery.

Each year, a group of kids are unveiled.

“Their eyes just widen,” said Miller.

Each kid is hoping to find that fitting family.

“A shared hobby, a shared interest, they like pickles,” added Miller.

Many foster kids get sent from family to family and never get a chance to show them who they really are, but once their forever family is able to see that portrait, they are able to make that heart connection.

Many who have added an addition to their family say it’s rewarding in unimaginable ways.

“The unexpected outcome for us has been that having foster kids in our home and now having adopted out of the foster care system, has really made us better parents,” said Steve.

Adopting isn’t the only way to help these kids.

“It might be a family who is not able to specifically adopt but can we help another family adopt,” said Miller.

Each year, the unveiling is a little different but the feelings are still the same.

“It hits a special spot, it really does,” said Miller.

The organization only hopes that they can change the future for some of these kids.

If you are interested in learning more about adopting these children, visit

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