NDSU Dance Team Learns Self-Defense with MPX Fitness’ Mariah Prussia

they learned how to do chokeholds and Brazilian and Jiu Jitsu

FARGO, ND — One in four college women are sexually assaulted.

That is why the NDSU Dance Team and the Voice’s Moriah Formica learned a few self-defense moves at MPX Fitness.

They learned how to use their voice when someone makes them uncomfortable in order to scare the person away.

Instructor Mariah Prussia also taught the women how to defend themselves against an attacker.

In return, the Bison taught Prussia how to do a line kick.

“When it comes to self-defense and protection, it’s really essential to make sure that they have the tools needed,” Prussia said. “Even small, basic fundamentals can make a huge difference, but then again, it’s like establishing a foundation and building off of that so they can learn more.”

Prussia will teach a women’s self-defense class “Learning to Strike” on December 2.

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