Kicking Off 2019 With a Fighting Start: Community Members Get into Fitness

MPX Fitness is doing the classes both at Courts Plus and Core Fitness

FARGO, N.D. — Many people are already beginning the New Year at the gym. KVRR’s Danielle Church joins us live from Core Fitness where they’re getting ready to box through 2019. It’s like a dance. Except more than people are using their moves to begin 2019 with a little bit of work. “It’s not a judgement zone. You’re there for yourself…

LIVE: MMA Returns To Fargo

Plus MMA Fighter Mariah Prussia Uses Adam Ladwig For Fighting Tutorial

MMA fighting is returning to Fargo for the first time in nearly three years. MPX Promotions is promoting the “Fight to Unite”, Saturday November 10th at the Delta Hotels by Marriott in Fargo. 9 bouts are on the card, featuring fighters from here and around the region. UFC Hall-of-Famer Pat Miletich will be a guest referee during the night. MMA…

Fargo MMA Fighter Fights for a Bigger Purpose

"Strength is something that you develop from the stories, from the challenges that you face in your life."

FARGO, N.D. — MPX owner Mariah Prussia has made a name for herself in the fighting world, but she has bigger goals of helping and empowering women outside of the cage. “My first fight it was tunnel vision,” Prussia said. “I didn’t see or hear any of the noise when I was going up to the cage. In my corner, my…

First Annual “Chakra Run” Raises Awareness for Domestic Violence

Over 75 runners competed in the event, including a couple that competes in 5K's in all 50 states

FARGO, N.D. — The Chakra Run is a new opportunity for runners to endure the elements and run a 5K, but for Mariah Prussia, it is more than just a race. “I’ve survived basically an abusive relationship so for me, my goal is to empower individuals, so women, men, children, to show them that you can survive a lot of different…

NDSU Dance Team Learns Self-Defense with MPX Fitness’ Mariah Prussia

they learned how to do chokeholds and Brazilian and Jiu Jitsu

FARGO, ND — One in four college women are sexually assaulted. That is why the NDSU Dance Team and the Voice’s Moriah Formica learned a few self-defense moves at MPX Fitness. They learned how to use their voice when someone makes them uncomfortable in order to scare the person away. Instructor Mariah Prussia also taught the women how to defend themselves…

LIVE: Sky Zone Fitness Classes

KVRR's Jackie Kelly Tries Out One of the New Fitness Classes at Sky Zone

KVRR’s Jackie Kelly tries out one of the new fitness classes at Sky Zone in Fargo. Mariah Prussia is the instructor of these classes. Click here for more information. Categories: Morning – Features, Morning – In The Community Tags: Fitness classes, MARIAH PRUSSIA, SKY ZONE

Sky Fitness: A Workout Where You Can Embrace Your Inner Child

The workout is all done on a trampoline and helps exercise many muscles you normally don't use

FARGO, ND — Sky Fitness is making working out fun again. The Sky Fit program is a 30 minute, high-intensity workout program on a trampoline. MPX Fitness partnered with Sky Zone to start the program, which helps people work all the muscle groups they might not normally use in other physical activities. Some are saying the program makes them feel like…

“You Can Never be Too Prepared”: What to Do if Approached While Walking Alone

There are a few ways to keep safe and protect yourself if you happen to run into danger

FARGO, ND — Police issued an advisory this morning to use extra caution when walking alone. This past Thursday, a 15-year-old girl told police she noticed a man following her inside a local grocery store and he followed her to her car. “When I heard about it earlier this morning and saw the little blurb in the paper, my radar…

Self-Defense with MPX’s Mariah Prussia: Protecting Yourself When Walking Alone

Sometimes it's hard to think of what to do when you're put in a situation that makes you feel uneasy

FARGO, ND — Fargo Police issued an advisory Tuesday to use extra caution when walking alone after two separate incidents of a young black male following a teen and a woman. KVRR’s Morgan Parrish joins us with more on what to do when approached by a stranger. Sometimes it’s hard to think of what to do when you’re put in…