Kicking Off 2019 With a Fighting Start: Community Members Get into Fitness

MPX Fitness is doing the classes both at Courts Plus and Core Fitness

FARGO, N.D. — Many people are already beginning the New Year at the gym.

KVRR’s Danielle Church joins us live from Core Fitness where they’re getting ready to box through 2019.

It’s like a dance.

Except more than people are using their moves to begin 2019 with a little bit of work.

“It’s not a judgement zone. You’re there for yourself to get yourself healthy. You gotta think about ‘what’s your health worth,” said Chad Vesey, who took the class.

MPX Fitness Owner Mariah Prussia offered free kickboxing classes to bring something a little new to the gym.

“With transitioning from MPX Fitness and then moving my gym within the inside of Core Fitness, it provides an experience for individuals who have never experienced or tried a kickboxing class. So for that, it’s opening up to the community, it’s New Year’s resolutions time. Let’s be honest, everybody want to try something new,” Prussia said.

But that seems to be what many people who go to the gym are also looking for the rest of the year as well.

“What we’re finding is people get bored with the same old routines where this is going to help chop up that weekly routine of, if you want to be on equipment, great, we have the equipment. If you want to be doing cardio, if you want to be doing strength but these classes are going to bring them to another level. It’s going to be accountability,” said Dustin Barton, Core Fitness owner.

Kickboxing is taking these fighters to another cardio and strength training level.

“Whether you’re throwing punches or you’re throwing kicks, your heart rate is going to increase. Each time you throw a punch and you’re making contact, you’re working different antagonist muscles with throwing and retracting,” Prussia said.

Whether these students are putting a smile while training with their best friend.

“It was just fun to be here with my wife. We don’t get to spend much time together and when we do, it’s in the gym,” Vesey said.

“You can have somebody who’s really quiet come into the room and as soon as they start throwing punches, then they start getting excited. That anticipation starts kicking in,” Prussia said.

Or just to simply building their confidence, their 2019 is already off to a fighting start.

To sign up for the kickboxing classes click here.

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