Sky Fitness: A Workout Where You Can Embrace Your Inner Child

The workout is all done on a trampoline and helps exercise many muscles you normally don't use

FARGO, ND — Sky Fitness is making working out fun again.

The Sky Fit program is a 30 minute, high-intensity workout program on a trampoline.

MPX Fitness partnered with Sky Zone to start the program, which helps people work all the muscle groups they might not normally use in other physical activities.

Some are saying the program makes them feel like they aren’t even working out because they’re having so much fun.

“They liked it. They really enjoyed the fact that they could be a kid again, do something fun and they said the 30 minutes went by really fast where yes, it felt like a workout but it wasn’t like you’re staring at the clock,” said Mariah Prussia of MPX Fitness. “Alright, how many more sets and repetitions do I have left?”

You can attend Sky Fitness classes every Thursday evening or on Saturdays in the morning or evening.

You don’t have to preregister for classes, just stop into Sky Zone.

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