North Dakota DOT Unveils New Tow Plows to Clear Highways Faster

The state has 32 new tow plows stationed at all eight of the DOT offices across North Dakota

FARGO, N.D. — The North Dakota Department of Transportation is ready for winter.

The DOT is adding 32 new Tow Plows to its fleet of snow removal equipment.

State officials say the combination of the traditional front plow with the Tow Plow can clear a much wider path through snow.

Being able to use the new Tow Plows will make clearing North Dakota’s highways easier and allow them to get to secondary roads faster.

“We’ve got one operator operating a truck and we’re clearing the whole interstate with one unit, which helps us to get other trucks out on other roads plus up on the ramps and stuff cleaning faster,” said Kent Leysring, maintenance superintendent at the NDDOT.

Each Tow Plow can plow two lanes of traffic at a time and apply brine solution to the roadway.

The new Tow Plows will be deployed at all eight of the state’s DOT offices.

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