Snow Plows

Blizzard Conditions Impact Drivers on the Road

Fargo Public Works has all 26 plows on the road working to control the falling snow

FARGO– Safety is critical for people driving in blizzard conditions. “It’s sort of about time,”Downtown Fargo worker Albert Gorman said. “We haven’t had a lot of snow this season so I mean it’s not unexpected.” Whether you like it or not, winter is showing its face. “I drove in from Moorhead,” Gorman said. “It was pretty slow going but the…

North Dakota DOT Unveils New Tow Plows to Clear Highways Faster

The state has 32 new tow plows stationed at all eight of the DOT offices across North Dakota

FARGO, N.D. — The North Dakota Department of Transportation is ready for winter. The DOT is adding 32 new Tow Plows to its fleet of snow removal equipment. State officials say the combination of the traditional front plow with the Tow Plow can clear a much wider path through snow. Being able to use the new Tow Plows will make…

Those with Limited Mobility at Risk from Snow Covered Walkways

A fine isn't the only risk you face by not shoveling

Snow covered sidewalks can be an annoyance for everyone but for those with physical disabilities they can be dangerous. “You pretty much have to have bare pavement or you’re going to be at risk of getting stuck,” said Executive Director of the Freedom Resource Center,  Nate Aalgaard. Aalgaard is wheelchair bound and winter can be an especially tough time. “There’s…