Electrical fire destroys Richland Co. Highway Dept. building & several service vehicles

Due to fire, county roads could see delay in road maintenance

HANKINSON, N.D. — A fire that broke out Monday evening around 8:00 left a Hankinson facility destroyed and several machinery vehicles left unusable.

“It looks like it started in the electrical room in that area where the main source of the fire was as we tore into the building and put the fire out last night,” Richland County Director of Emergency Management Brett Lambrecht said.

Brett Lambrecht, Director of Emergency Management in Richland County says the fire caused some significant damage.

“The damage right now, they’re unusable. We have five county plow trucks, three motor graters, a sign truck, a pay loader, a service truck,” Lambrecht said.

Lambrecht said at least 15 machines were damaged along with several hand tools.

Some of the equipment was spared.

“Right now since the fire, we have two blades left and three plow trucks to manage through the county right now so this has really crippled us right now,” Lambrecht said.

With a lack of equipment, Lambrecht says roads in the area may be harder to maintain.

“Our response right now for plowing roads is going to be slower. We’ll just keep running until everything is done, we’ll use the equipment we’ve got as we get equipment in then we’ll use that equipment to ramp back up where we need to be until we find out exactly on the rebuilding of the process and what vehicles that can be replaced,” Lambrecht said.

“We ask people to have patience. The plows are going to get through when they can, we are just going to keep rotating people in and taking shifts and running 24/7 until we get things cleaned off with the snow,” Lambrecht said.

The cost of the damage is still being evaluated.

Lambrecht says it could take several months until the facility and its 13 employees can return to normal business operations.

No one was in the building at the time of the fire.

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