Plows clear the roads after first snowfall of the season

"Give us some room on the road so we can safely do our jobs."

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) – If you were out and about, you probably noticed snow plows on the road.

With the season’s first snow on the ground, the Public Works crew broke out the snow removal equipment and got busy.

“During the winter we run two shifts, a day shift and a night shift, so we have 24/7 coverage. So, as soon as the road conditions mandate that we have someone out there maintaining them, we will have people out there. Anytime the snow falls we are full steam ahead. We are busy. Our primary focus is on the arterials first, that is the snow emergency routes, keep them clear for main traffic, emergency vehicles, and other people that need to get around town,” Fargo Public Works Services Manager Paul Fiechtner said.

Once the snow stops, the crew moves into residential areas to clear snow. They usually treat the road first and then plow.

“Depending on the conditions, we typically use a salt blend that we put on the roadway to melt the ice, we also use a deicer depending on the storm. When we have the extreme cold, we will use sand to build traction,” Fiechtner said.

He says seasonal parking restrictions are in place to ensure snow is removed quickly and safely from city streets. He wants to remind drivers to be cautious when snow removal equipment is on the road.

“We appreciate it if the people driving on the roadway take time and give us some extra room to do our job. Anytime you see equipment out there, definitely back off, slow down, give them room so they can clear the roads and get them safe for everyone,” Fiechtner explained.

Operators also haul snow out of areas like downtown.

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