St. Paul Mayor Launches Gubernatorial Campaign in Moorhead

Chris Coleman, mayor of St. Paul for 12 years, kicks off his gubernatorial campaign at the Perkins in Moorhead

MOORHEAD, Minn. — The mayor of St. Paul stopped in Moorhead to launch his campaign for the governor’s seat.

Democrat Chris Coleman shared his vision for Minnesota with customers at the Perkins in Moorhead.

Chris Coleman has been the mayor of St. Paul since 2006.

Coleman has also served as the president of the National League of Cities.

He is confident that he can use his experience to promote economic growth for the entire state.

“We’re going to focus in on economic security for our families in every corner of the state of Minnesota,” said Coleman.  “Minnesota is going to be an equitable community, it’s going to be a fair community, it’s going to be a community that works for all.  Regardless of what part of the state that you’re in, Minnesota is going to be a great place to live.”

Mayor Coleman believes that his tenure as mayor of St. Paul makes his vision for the state of Minnesota not only applicable to the Twin Cities, but for the rest of Minnesota as well.

“I believe that city building is Minnesota building,” said Coleman.  “So Moorhead has to be strong, Rochester has to be strong, St. Cloud has to be strong.  I’ve worked with mayors all over the state to make sure we were getting investment in our communities – fighting on behalf of investment in local roads and local government aid.”

If elected governor, Coleman says he will listen to the needs of all Minnesotans.

“When we all of a sudden are governing on behalf of special interests, when we are trying to pretend to be something to be like something that we are not, when we are not listening to communities about what their hopes and aspirations are, we don’t go forward, we don’t work,” said Coleman.

Governor Dayton is retiring after he wraps up two terms in office.

The Minnesota DFL will endorse a candidate during their convention in early June.

The primary will be held on August 14, 2018.

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