Over 100 Years of Business Now Becomes a Part of Fargo History

There are over 100 years of stories to be told from The Nestor Tavern in Fargo

FARGO, ND — One of the oldest bars in Fargo is closing its doors and leaving behind years of history.

Customers are sharing some of their favorite memories about The Nestor Tavern.

“Cheers to The Nestor,” said Rodney Kubischta, a customer at the bar.

“I’m sad to see it go,” said Ken Roland, another customer.

People are raising their glasses and saying goodbye to “an old friend.”

“It was a beautiful place to come and enjoy yourself, have a few drinks, get a little loud, and it was a lot of fun,” Ken said.

A place that most customers describe as one–of–a–kind.

“There’s something. I can’t put it into words,” Ken said.

There are over one hundred years of stories to be told from the bar that now sits at 1001 Northern Pacific Avenue in Fargo.

“I have very, very fond memories of being in here,” Ken said.

“There is a family type atmosphere at The Nestor and it’s awesome and that’s going to be missed,” Rodney said.

Many found others to confide in over the years.

“The friendship. There’s a lot of friendship that goes on around here,” Rodney said.

Some even became family.

Ken and Marlene Roland met at this very spot almost 22 years ago.

“Something must have clicked because he came back, he moved back here and then from then we’ve been together,” Marlene said.

Now, this couple is back for the first time, to celebrate the place that brought them together.

They say it’s their love of music and singing karaoke that made The Nestor’s atmosphere the perfect spot.

“The best one was my woman my woman my wife, aw I love the way he was singing there.,” Marlene said.

Ken and Marlene are just two of the hundreds of customers that have close ties to this piece of Fargo history.

Although the bar may be gone, the memories and friendships will stick around for a lifetime.

“A place is a place, but the people that come to that place are the important ones,” Marlene said.

“Say nestor, one two three, Nestor,” Rodney said.

The Last, Last Call event is happening Sunday at The Nestor Tavern until midnight.

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