Fargo Public Arts Master Plan Will Bring More Art & Entertainment

it includes many temporary venues like "porch fests"

FARGO, ND — More public art and entertainment will be coming to Fargo-Moorhead.

The Fargo Arts and Culture Commission has worked on a plan to do so for about a year and are now sharing their plan with people across the community.

One of the first things Arlette Preston does when going to a new city is check out the art.

“Chicago is a great example. It’s much larger obviously but there’s smaller towns too. Sioux Falls has put quite a bit of energy into public art,” Preston said.

Now Fargo-Moorhead is putting more energy into the arts with their Public Art Master Plan.

“It comes up with a variety of different ideas on how to include the arts in the community. Some things are relatively inexpensive, some things more expensive,” said Fargo Mayor Tim Mahoney.

One idea includes “Porch Fests.”

“It’s basically setting up musical venues in people’s porches. What a wonderful way to get the neighborhood out, onto the sidewalks and wandering in the neighborhood,” Preston said.

The plan also aims to attract visitors.
Nicole Crutchfield, planning administrator with the City of Fargo, says that first impression families and college students have can really make or break their decision.

“One of those first things you see even in an airport or Broadway or the mall, you think about what you see first to give you an impression of Fargo,” Crutchfield said.

Some say people are so attracted to cities with public art because of the way it gets through to people.

“You and I might look at a picture and say what does that look like to you? Often times it opens up people’s minds,” Mahoney said.

In fact, the Fargo Arts and Culture Commission has already seen the success art has in this community, whether or not its positive feedback.
The new mural at the Depot is just one example.

“You’ll hear artists say ‘if people are talking about it, it’s a success.’ So I find that really successful,” Crutchfield said.

The Fargo Arts and Culture Commission will present their master plan tomorrow to the Fargo City Commission and make any edits based on public feedback that was made.

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