Greywind Murder, Kidnapping Suspect Says Very Little in Change of Plea Hearing

On August 19th, the Greywind family's future changed forever and until now, they didn't have answers as to what happened to Savanna

FARGO, ND — Brooke Crews, one of the two people charged in the kidnapping and conspiracy to commit the murder of Savanna Greywind, has changed her plea to guilty.

On August 19th, the Greywind family’s future changed forever and until now, they didn’t have answers as to what happened to Savanna.

“Your honor on August 19th, 2017 the defendant lured Savanna Lafontaine Greywind, who was eight months pregnant, up to her apartment as a part of a conspiracy to murder Savanna and steal her unborn baby,” Prosecutors said.

Emotion filled the room once Crews pleaded guilty to all three charges: conspiracy to commit murder, conspiracy to commit kidnapping and giving false information to law enforcement.


Crews’ attorney, Steven Mottinger, says sometimes it’s in the client’s best interest to take the case to trial.

Other times he says it’s not.

“Once I had an opportunity to review the discovery with Ms. Crews, she made a decision that she wanted to accept responsibility,” Mottinger said. “She did so today by entering a guilty plea to all three of the charges.”

Now that Crews has taken responsibility for her actions, supporters say they hope her loved ones will start to get some closure.

“Savanna’s body was found in the Red River on August 27th, 2017,” Prosecutors said. “The baby was not with her.”

Many have questioned Crews’ mental health throughout this case.

“I am not going to comment on that, but obviously, it did not raise any issues in terms of how she wished to proceed,” Mottinger said.

Crews’ boyfriend, William Hoehn, has pleaded not guilty and has a trial set to start on March 20th.

For Crews, she’ll be sentenced on January 16th.

“If the pre-sentence investigation is done and we’re ready to go, we’ll do sentencing on the scheduled date,” Mottinger said.

Crews will continue to be held pending sentencing and faces up to life in prison.

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