Woman Rescued From House Fire in North Fargo

The house at 712 29th Street North in Fargo was damaged by fire to the tune of $120,000

FARGO, ND — It’s not the thing a family wants to face just days before Christmas.

Their home was damaged by fire to the tune of $120,000.

At first, the Fargo Fire Department was unsure what to expect.

“We got a call this morning. The call came to us as a possible disturbance we weren’t sure what was going on,” said Battalion Chief Bruce Anderson with the Fargo Fire Department.

But when they arrived around 8:00 am, they immediately called for additional crews.

“There was quite a bit of smoke and fire showing from the outside,” Anderson said.

Two adults and a child were able to make it out of the house but…

“Indicated to the crew that there was still somebody in the house,” Anderson said.

They say a woman was stuck in the basement and unable to escape.

Crews acted quickly.

“The first crew located the victim and attempted to do a rescue. Got her up close to the window and then additional crews went down and assisted getting her out of the house,” Anderson said.

The department does not know what type of medical condition she is currently in.

Her identity may be vague, but we do know once she was rescued, FM ambulance transported her to Sanford Hospital.

Turns out she wasn’t the only one still in the house.

“There was also a small dog that they brought out and was somewhat lifeless and the crews gave oxygen and kind of brought the dog around a little bit better so the dog’s been taken care of too,” Anderson said.

The Fargo Fire Department responded with 16 personnel along with the Fargo Police Department, FM Ambulance, The Salvation Army, and The Red Cross.

They are still unsure how the fire started.

“We’ve got investigators on scene right now that are looking for the cause of the fire,” Anderson said.

Anderson says this is a good time to remind people on the importance of having egress windows installed in your basement.

It could mean life or death in a situation like this.

No firefighters were hurt but one Fargo police officer was treated and released for smoke inhalation while helping the fire crews.

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