Ted E. Bear Donates Teddy Bears to Children at Sanford Hospital

two boys and two girls were given the gifts

FARGO, N.D. — For more than 10 years, Sanford Children’s Hospital has been receiving hand-sewn teddy bears from an anonymous donor.

The only thing the hospital knows about the person is they go by Ted E. Bear from Horace.

This year, Sanford has received four bears to hand out to two boys and two girls.

One-year-old Payton Rohlik was one of the children selected to receive a teddy bear because of her immense spirit.

“It means a lot because I think it just shows compassion that you know everybody reaches out, especially when it comes to sick kids,” said Payton’s father, Derek. “She’s been really appreciative of all the love and the care that we’ve gotten at the hospital here.”

Rohlik went to Sanford Children’s Hospital three weeks ago for an infection she had in one of her bones, but had a successful surgery and was discharged today.

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