How to Avoid Busted Pipes During The Winter

Experts say to keep your heat at 55 degrees


FARGO, N.D. — It’s time to turn up the heat with the temperature dropping more every day.

Even if you plan to get away for New Year’s weekend, some say it’s important to keep the temperature in your apartment or home at 55 degrees.
Experts say it’s the best way to keep your pipes from bursting which can also cause damage to the drywall in your home.
An additional way to prevent your pipes from bursting includes covering them with heat tape.

“They can get cracks and leaks as well. You know I’ve heard some pretty bad stories from a couple of college people that I hang out with and they turned their heat off to try and save money over winter break. It’s frozen on them and they’ve gotten in pretty big trouble with their landlord,” said Logan Hoffmann, key carrier at Mac’s Hardware.

Experts say heat tape is especially helpful for those living in mobile homes and you can find it at any local hardware store.

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