“In Their Shoes” TNT Kid’s Fitness and Gymnastics Fundraiser Shows Support for Special Needs Programs

there were silent auctions, raffles and games

FARGO, N.D . — The Fargo-Moorhead community is showing their support for special needs programs at the ninth annual “In Their Shoes” fundraiser.

Some say having a child with special needs isn’t always what people expect it to be.

“Well it’s like packing for Italy and getting off in you know, Spain I guess. It’s so different,” said Nikki Hahn.

But they say it’s even more different for the child who has to live with the special needs every day.

Nikki Hahn’s daughter Logan has cystic fibrosis and that’s just one example.

“For her, it’s getting up and having to take 50 some pills a day. She doesn’t absorb food very well and she needs to be careful. She has a very delicate immune system,” Hahn said.

Since going to TNT Kid’s Fitness and Gymnastics in Fargo, a gym that has all kinds of programs to support people with special needs, the last eight years, Hahn says her daughter has had tremendous improvement in her lungs.

“Her lung function from our doctor’s perspective has been 100 and some percent, which is unreal,” Hahn said.

TNT’s mission is to help those with all different abilities.

“Whether they’re an infant, a child, an adult, we have programming for people with Parkinson’s, we have programming for veterans of the armed forces that come in,” said Tim Frie with TNT.

They held their ninth annual “In Their Shoes” fundraiser to not only raise money for the non-profit, but to also remind people about those the Fargo-Moorhead community needs to keep supporting every day.

“A lot of the things that are offered in the Fargo-Moorhead community aren’t really geared towards people with special needs. They want the same opportunities that you and I have,” Frie said.

Opportunities that they can gain by not being defined by their special needs.

“It doesn’t define them and that’s what’s really great to see when people come to TNT. They see children in a wheelchair jumping on the trampoline next to a kid who’s able bodied and that really opens your eyes,” Frie said.

The fundraiser had a silent auction, a raffle and games like PLINKO and Cornhole.

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