Local Grocery Store Celebrates The Vikings With…Purple and Gold Potatoes?

the potatoes are available at Fargo's Prairie Roots Food Co-Op


FARGO, N.D. — All the diehard Vikings fans out there can now celebrate their favorite team with, get this, purple and gold potatoes.

Bjorn Solberg is a huge Vikings fan and after last Sunday’s win, he called up his boss at Hugh’s Gardens Organic Food Supply to start getting the potatoes out to people.

They get their color from the soil the farm uses.

Solberg sent 40 barrels of the purple and gold potatoes to the Twin Cities. You can find them locally at the Prairie Roots Food Co-Op for a $1 a pound.

“They tend to not be as a vibrant, buttery, more creamy flavor to them, Solberg said.  “But they are higher in antioxidants so it is a healthier potato for you and I think people just like the color of them because it really brightens up the flavor as opposed to having just a standard white or yellow flesh potato.”

Hugh’s Gardens Organic Food Supply also has pink potatoes coming soon for Valentine’s Day.

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