Great Plains Food Banks Receives Donation of 37,000 Pounds of Potatoes

The donation was made to help those most impacted by COVID-19

FARGO, N.D.- Food Banks across the country are struggling to meet demands as needs increase. R.D Offutt Farms, a potato farm operation headquartered in Fargo, decided to step in and help. “They said what they needed was food, so we asked them about frozen potatoes products, and they said that would work great and so, we were very excited to…

Caters for Taters Brings All the Potato Lovers Out for Hunger Relief

More than 3,000 potatoes were served

FARGO, N.D. — Potato lovers from around the metro came together to raise money for Great Plains Food Bank. KVRR’s Danielle Church tells us how enjoying some taters is going to go a long way. A well-oiled assembly line of baked potatoes comes after a simple idea 18 years ago. “We were doing harvest of potatoes and some of our employees…

Deeply Rooted Traditions Are Aplenty at “Potato Days” in Barnesville

The celebration has happened continuously in the city since 1991

BARNESVILLE, Minn. — Over the years, Barnesville has cultivated a rich history with one important crop. “This started in 1931, it took a few years off, and we brought it back in 1991, and we’re such a potato–rich area for farming, so it’s just a natural festival for us to have,” said Theresa Olson, the Festival Director for Potato Days. Like…

Local Grocery Store Celebrates The Vikings With…Purple and Gold Potatoes?

the potatoes are available at Fargo's Prairie Roots Food Co-Op

  FARGO, N.D. — All the diehard Vikings fans out there can now celebrate their favorite team with, get this, purple and gold potatoes. Bjorn Solberg is a huge Vikings fan and after last Sunday’s win, he called up his boss at Hugh’s Gardens Organic Food Supply to start getting the potatoes out to people. They get their color from…

Potato Brothers Serving Up Fresh Tots for the United Way

The Potato Brothers gave a chunk of their profits to the Untied Way during lunchtime near The Depot's newest train mural

FARGO, ND — A food truck parked by The Depot in downtown Fargo spent the day helping people in need here in the valley. The Potato Brothers gave a chunk of their profits to the Untied Way during lunchtime near The Depot’s newest train mural. Park District officials sold raffle tickets to help the cause while also entering lunch goers…

Hornbacher’s Makes Sizable Donation to Great Plains Food Bank

The grocery store chain donated the proceeds from its Check Out Hunger campaign

FARGO, N.D. — Hornbacher’s made a major donation to help the less fortunate in the Fargo–Moorhead metro. The grocery store chain stopped by Great Plains Food Bank to donate the proceeds of its Check Out Hunger campaign. Hornbacher’s raised nearly $66,000 dollars in its July campaign. Employees volunteered to help bag potatoes to be passed out to food bank recipients….