Great Plains Food Banks Receives Donation of 37,000 Pounds of Potatoes

The donation was made to help those most impacted by COVID-19

FARGO, N.D.- Food Banks across the country are struggling to meet demands as needs increase.

R.D Offutt Farms, a potato farm operation headquartered in Fargo, decided to step in and help.

“They said what they needed was food, so we asked them about frozen potatoes products, and they said that would work great and so, we were very excited to help them out and make donations,” says Keith McGovern, the President of R.D.  Offutt Farms

“They really stepped up and said what can we do to help and today we’re excited to bring all of that product into our warehouse which will immediately get out to the hands of those in need later today and throughout the week,” says Melissa Sobolik, the Director of the Great Plains Food Bank.

The company has experienced the impact of COVID-19 firsthand.

“We have potatoes in storages today that aren’t being processed because they were intended for food service customers, and that currently as everybody knows isn’t happening, so those sales aren’t happening,” McGovern says.

Even as they go through their own difficulties, the company was able to donate 1,561 cases of potatoes, which equals about 37,000 pounds.

“These 1,500 cases of product are going to go out all across the state of North Dakota and Clay County, Minnesota, to our families, our seniors, our children who are struggling with hunger, who are not only struggling before COVID-19, but those that are struggling even more now that the pandemic has hit,” Sobolik says.

According to the Great Plains Food Bank, their pantries have seen a 44% increase, and their mobile food pantry has seen a 79% increase.

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