Hockey Day Minnesota A Huge Success in St. Cloud

Moorhead Community takes memories and a win from HDM 2018.

ST. CLOUD, Minn. — Saturday Minnesotans were happy as they celebrated another Hockey Day Minnesota down in St. Cloud. The Moorhead Spuds came away with a 3-2 overtime win, but yesterday was more than just about winning a hockey game.

“It was like playing as a little kid,” Senior forward Jack Stetz said.

Hockey Day Minnesota has been all about putting Minnesotans love of hockey on center stage, outdoors, to bring communities together. After six long years of trying to host, St. Cloud finally got its chance. They didn’t disappoint.

“Nothing but success,” St. Cloud Mayor Dave Kleis said. “I can’t tell you enough about all the people who put so much work and effort into this and time. You see Moorhead here and Cenntenial a wonderful rivalry. It was just great to have everybody in town. It’s been a great ride and just couldn’t have asked for a better event.”

Seven years ago Hockey Day made its way up to Moorhead, but the Spuds hadn’t been apart of the statewide celebration since then.

“It has been phenomenal,” Moorhead Athletic Director Dean Haugo said. “The organization on the back side for us has just made the experience really enjoyable. The folks that run this have just done a great job.”

“St. Cloud knocked it out of the park,” Spuds Head Coach Jon Ammerman said. “It has been a great experience for our kids. Yesterday being able to get down here a little early and practice. The event last night with the alumni, for me personally was a lot of fun, but for our kids tonight that was a heck of an experience.”

The players really enjoyed playing a game outdoors.

“It’s a feeling that you’ve never really felt before,” Stetz said. “I think we’ve been dreaming of it for seven years since it happened in our hometown. For that dream to come true is unbelievable.”

It is that dream, and the memories formed at a celebration of Minnesota’s favorite sport, that continues to make Hockey Day Minnesota such a successful event.

“It goes beyond wins and losses. Its the relationships that are developed in moments like this that have made this event something special.”

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