Hope Springs Anew: Wellspring For the World

It's the world's lifeblood, but so many don't have access.

It’s hard to imagine here in the Red River Valley, where we spend so many years inundated with water in the form of floods during spring thaw. But this year’s drought is a mere taste of what millions of people all around the world struggle with every single day.

We’re talking about shortages of water on the Morning Show, and one man right here in the Red River Valley has seen firsthand what it’s  like to live without even clean water to drink. He’s Lex Silbernagel, a Vice President of Strategic Alliances of Border States Electric. Through a partnership with Wellspring for the World, Silbernagel and his wife traveled to the nation of Zambia in Africa to see firsthand what people there face without easy access to clean, running water. The effect on their lives, he told the Morning Show’s Emily Welker, are eye-opening.

Check out our video to find out what Wellspring and folks like Silbernagel do to bring water to the world, and see the link to find out how you can help.


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