Investigation At Richland 44 School Could Be Turned Over For Charges Next Week

Allegations of Student Misconduct And Hazing
Letter Sent To Parents



COLFAX, ND — Richland County Sheriff Larry Leshovsky anticipates the investigation into alleged student misbehavior at Richland 44 school should be finished next week.

It will then be turned over to the state’s attorney for possible charges.

In a letter sent to parents by Superintendent Tim Godfrey, he said the district will protect and preserve the rights of our students, including any accused of wrongdoing.

Counseling services are being offered.

An 18-year-old senior told the Associated Press that he witnessed what he called “hazing” and put a stop to it.

He called the incident “inappropriate” and “pathetic”.

Superintendent Godfrey says the investigation needs to be thorough.

“One thing I’d like to say is please don’t buy into any hype that you see in the media,” said Godfrey.  “You know we are taking very appropriate steps to get to the bottom of this matter and resolve it. Be patient and don’t jump to conclusions. That’s not fair to any child involved in this.”

Godfrey says some students have been removed from classes, but won’t say whether they’ve been suspended.

The BCI is helping with the investigation.

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