Super Bowl Week Is Underway In The “Bold North”

Governor Mark Dayton Hopes Fans Behave, Especially Eagles Fans


MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. — Super Bowl week is officially under-way in Minneapolis with thousands descending upon the city to take part in fan festivals and events.

City officials say visitors can expect extra bag checks, more officers in tactical gear, patrols with bomb-sniffing dogs and an extra police presence around the city throughout the week.

KVRR’s Keith Albertson and Jeremy Klein are in the Twin Cities to bring us coverage leading up to the big game.

Keith says the Minnesota Super Bowl host committee is not shying away from the cold reputation that comes with the state.

One of the slogans getting thrown around this week is the “Bold North” as they’re embracing the weather.

Governor Mark Dayton was emphasizing the “Minnesota nice” mentality.

When asked what message he had for fans, it was that he hopes they behave themselves.

He later added that that message was meant directly for Eagles fans after reports of their disrespect toward Vikings fans last weekend.

Overall, everyone with the host committee is hoping the events can overshadow any feelings of animosity.

Peter O’Reilly, NFL Senior VP of Events said, “I’m often asked what makes Super Bowl 52 in Minnesota unique, and the conversation often turns to the cold and the weather. But, my real answer is it’s the people. It’s the people and the energy and the warmth here in the ‘Bold North’ that is coming through and will come through the entirety of this week.”

Players from both teams are talking to the media this evening for the first time since arriving in the Twin Cities.

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