What To Make For Your Super Bowl Party

Hornbacher's Gives Some Ideas Of What To Make For Your Super Bowl Party

For some, their favorite part of a Super Bowl party is all of the delicious foods that you get to eat.

Some easy appetizers that Hornbacher’s recommends making for the big game are feta stuffed peppers, pickle rollups, and King’s Hawaiian sliders.

They say whether you are stress eating because your team in down in points or you just want to try everything on the table, having something quick and easy that people can just grab is ideal.

“You know a lot of the times you’re caught up with family, you’ve got a lot of things to do obviously on a Sunday, and you don’t want to spend a whole lot of time preparing huge extravagant meals. Keeping it quick and easy is usually best for a lot of families,” Said Michael Rhea, who is the Assistant Deli Manager at Moorhead’s Hornbacher’s.

Hornbacher’s offers many premade Super Bowl style dishes as well as many different recipe cards of foods to make for the big day.


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