Nineteen Caucuses Open Across Clay County

Clay county GOP had five people on the ballot for governor, while Clay County DFL had six


MOORHEAD, Minn. — Nineteen precinct caucuses were open across Clay County.

Athena Graycyk can still remember how strange it felt to be in a caucus for the first time ever.

“I moved here from California and all we had were primaries. I had never heard of a caucus. The first one I went to, I was like a wide–eyed doe in front of headlights. I had never seen such a thing but I soon learned to like it very much,” Graycyk said.

She says she grew to love them because of the way they help people to really get to know their neighbors.

“They’re grassroots political organizing in small units. It’s your neighbors that you meet with and you talk about ways to improve your party platform and you talk about who are your representatives and how do you understand what they’re doing and who do you vote for,” Graycyk said.

The Clay County DFL hosted its caucus at MSUM, while the Clay County GOP held its at Moorhead High School.

Some are calling this a huge year for precinct caucuses across Minnesota.

“This year in Minnesota, we’re having the governor’s race and believe it or not, two senate races. It’s going to be an interesting year,” said Fred Wright with Clay County GOP. “But if you’re interested in politics, whether you’re a Republican or Democrat, at this level, at the caucus level, is where it all begins.”

The Clay County GOP has five people on the governor’s ballot, while Clay County’s DFL has six spots on the ballot.

No matter your political ideologies, members of both groups remind people it’s always important to get out and vote as often as they can.

“Every election is meaningful and makes a difference. Even the small school board elections make a difference because who represents us is hugely important,” Graycyk said.

The Gubernatorial, senate and legislative races will be held in November.

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