Dakota Medical Foundation Donates $10,000 to Two Community-Minded Companies

Scheels Minot and Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota receive grants

FARGO, N.D. –For the first time, Dakota Medical Foundation gave two organizations a little push before Giving Hearts Day.

Scheels in Minot and Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota each received $5,000 grants to donate to various other organizations.

The two companies were chosen based on how passionate their employees were about Giving Hearts Day.

Scheels will give $1,000 to five different groups, including Habitat for Humanity Northern Lights.

The organization feels the grant reflects the passion about giving that their employees convey.

“Something that we try to keep really fun because it’s a fun day to begin with. But we try to keep it light hearted so it doesn’t seem like we’re forcing it on anybody. We want to make sure that they’re giving with an open heart and it’s easier to do when it’s a more fun campaign,” said Caryn Olson, the Events Leader from Scheels Fargo, who accepted the award on behalf of Scheels Minot.

The company boosts fall right in line with the Dakota Medical Foundation’s values.

“We really have an unlimited potential to build health and quality of life in the way that we decide as givers because remember this is voluntary and we give from the heart so we have an unlimited potential to care for others,” said Pat Traynor, the Executive Director of the Dakota Medical Foundation.

The Dakota Medical Foundation’s goal for Giving Hearts Day is 50,000 givers and the organization thinks that’s a very achievable goal.

With these awards, the Dakota Medical Foundation reiterates the message that the Fargo area is a very caring region.

“We may be a cold region but I say we are the most warm, caring kind region, and Giving Hearts Day is one of the many things that we can point to that demonstrates that warmth,” said Traynor.

To donate on Giving Hearts Day you can go to our website and click on the Giving Logo at the top of our homepage.

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