Essentia Health Offers Advice on Avoiding Back Pain While Shoveling

if you're experiencing chronic back pain, the hospital has a program to try out

FARGO, N.D. — Shoveling snow can be a literal pain in the back if you don’t do it the right way.

That’s why physical therapists at Essentia Health remind people that shoveling is all about the mechanics.
They advise people to lift with their legs and not with their back.
They also recommend trying not to bend over so much and keeping the back straighter.
Stretching before and after is also beneficial.

“In general, just try to keep it moving. Get up, move around, walk around go for walks if you can if it’s nice out and all that. Kind of some general strengthening exercises. Hips are pretty key. Hip strengthening helps with lower back pain a lot actually,” said Brett Morlock, physical therapist at Essentia Health.

For anyone experiencing chronic back pain, Essentia has a Spine Rehab Exercise Program that runs for eight weeks.

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