Fargo Youth Ice Fishing Derby brings Hundreds of Kids to Woodhaven Pond

The event was hosted by the Fargo Parks Districts and gave trophies to several children

FARGO, N.D. —¬†On a very snowy Saturday, hundreds of kids and their parents set up shop on the frozen Woodhaven Pond.

Digging into the water a pulling up some fish was part of the adventure.

“Ice fishing is one of the great outdoor opportunities that we have in this country, especially in the great North where we can walk on water for part of the year,” said J.W. Schroeder, a member of the Board of Directors for F-M Walleyes Unlimited.

150 kids of all ages gathered to compete for several different trophies.

Biggest birch and the most fish caught in an hour stretch were just some of the categories.

Even though the competition was in the middle of a snow fall, the flurry did not slow down the fishers.

“It’s a little bit harder for kids to be out here longer, so that’s why we only have them out here for an hour, just so they enjoy their time and go away wanting to, you know, come back and ice fish year round,” said Stephanie D’Ambrosio, the Events Coordinator for the Fargo Park District.

There are many different types of fish that could be caught through the ice at Woodhaven Pond, the most common of which is birch.

Many fishes of different sizes were caught, and after the judges weighed them, the kids released them back into the water.

This is a tradition that families are excited about passing down to their children and grandchildren.

“As a grandfather myself, I take that to heart because as my young grand kids start to learn about being outside, the connections we can make with our friends, with our parents, with others,” said Schroeder.

The Fargo Youth Ice Fishing Derby takes place every year in February. To learn more information on events held by the Fargo Park District, click here.

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