Work Ethic May Be the Answer to a Successful Career

A renowned speaker is teaching people how to better develop work ethic in themselves and in their employees

FARGO, ND — When employers around the world were asked, “what do you look for in an employee?,” the number one answer was work ethic.

A renowned speaker is teaching people how to better develop work ethic in themselves and in their employees.

“When you look at the future the future is happening fast it’s changing rapidly. 80% of the jobs that are going to happen in 2030 haven’t been invented yet,” said  Josh Davies, the CEO of the Center for Work Ethic Development.

But Josh says there is one common skill all employees need regardless of the profession.

“What are the skills and the behaviors that we can teach anybody regardless or whether or not their sixteen or sixty that are going to help them be more successful in the work place?” said Josh.

The answer is work ethic.

“The challenge isn’t really with millennial’s, the challenge is with young people entering the work force,” Josh said.

Which was addressed when the baby boomers and generation x we’re just adjusting into the work force as well.

“Work ethic when you measured it by actual data, there’s no different between any of the three,” Josh said.

“The younger generation today works just as hard as the baby boomers of which I am it’s just a matter of how they go about their work,” said Tony Grindberg, the Vice President for Workforce Affairs at North Dakota State College of Science.

The big question is, what really is work ethic?

“Do you have ambition to do more than just the minimum, just the scraping by. Do you take into accountability when things go well as well as when things don’t go well?” said Josh.

Brining your a–game to work is key Josh says to focus on your attendance, appearance, attitude, ambition acceptance accountability and appreciation.

“Work ethic is not something you are predetermined with. It’s not some skill that you learn when you’re six, there’s hope for all of us,” Josh said.

With the help of companies, employees can obtain these skills over time.

“Not 8:10 or 8:15 that should be common sense. Why do I have to teach you this? Why? Because we do,” Josh said.

“Organizations that I think are in tuned to taking care of their employees and creating a good environemtn for being productive is what it’s all about,” Tony said.

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