Fargo Film Festival Kicks Off

The festival runs through Saturday and features films from around the world


FARGO, N.D. — If you love discovering new films and up–and–coming movie makers, then you’ll want to be at the Fargo Theatre this week.

The Fargo Film Festival started Tuesday and runs through Saturday.

“The goal is if you love movies to give you something that will make you excited this week. I’m so proud of the work these volunteers have done selecting these films and I can’t wait for the community to see what’s in store,” said Emily Beck, executive director of the Fargo Theatre.

The festival received over 300 submissions across all film genres. The screening selection includes films from around the globe.

“We do have a few local and regional films. I think it was five films that were shot in the Midwest in some way or another. We also have a great international selection. We have films playing from 16 different countries, we have a Latvian film, we have— from all over the world, and then we have films playing from 14 different states,” Beck said.

There will also be a smartphone app for the festival so people can plan out which movies they want to see and which events they want to attend.

C.J. Wallis and Mallory Kennedy’s documentary, “Perfect Bid,” was screened on the first night of the Fargo Film Festival.

“The movie is a love letter to old television,” Wallis said.

They wanted to create something that everybody could enjoy.

“It’s just a perfect piece of Americana that we wanted to present. We just want people to come and feel good when they leave, happy. Documentaries are usually very serious,” Kennedy said.

Over a hundred films will be screened throughout the week.

Filmmakers say they’ve felt very welcome during their time in Fargo.

“All the people that run this have been incredible. Every film festival people say that, but everyone here is that extra level of personable,” Wallis said.


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