Former Bison Perform for NFL Scouts at Bison Pro Day

NDSU had nine of its former athletes participate at Pro Day

FARGO, N.D. — After numerous sprints and a handful of drills, some of NDSU’s former studs say it’s a dream come true to perform at Bison Pro Day in front of big-league scouts.

“It’s just an unbelievable experience to even get this type of opportunity and try out for the next level,” offensive lineman Austin Kuhnert said, “I was just hoping to give it my all. It doesn’t really matter about the times or the reps or anything, just go out and have a blast and I felt like I did really good today.”

Kuhnert is one of the many Bison walking off the field feeling confident after today’s workouts.

“Expectations were around 4.70 for the 40 meter and I met that and 18 reps on the bench, so I was hoping to be right around there,” tight end Jeff Illies said. “I was trying to get 20 but 18 will have to do and I was really happy with most of times.”

“I think today went really well,” former NDSU defensive tackle Nate Tanguay agreed. “I just showed the scouts that my knee is healthy and that I’m moving really well. I had a good ten-yard split, my shuttle run went well and I was moving great in drills. Drills have always been my strong suit, so I’m really happy and now it’s just kinda like if somebody likes me they’ll get in touch with me.”

For the scouts that have been in touch already, they’ve left the former Bison with some positive feedback.

“They really like my athleticism and my ability to catch the ball,” Illies said. “I’m not the biggest guy, obviously we’ve been talking about that all my years here at NDSU. I really wanted to show them what I can do out catching balls and running routes.”

“A lot of people said they liked my attitude that I had and that I like to work hard, which I try to outwork everybody on the field,” Kuhnert said. “I might not be the fastest, might not be the strongest, but I’ll stick around with you guys and be able to outwork you any day.”

Now the hope is that hard work will land them a spot on an NFL roster.

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