League of Women Voters Helping Candidates for Fargo City Commission Attract Voters

Mahoney says it's all about electing people that will create change people are looking for

FARGO, N.D. — Election season is in the air and the League of Women Voters is helping those running for Fargo City Commission attract voters.

The vote for Fargo City Commission may not be until June 12th, but the League of Women Voters wants you to know more about the candidates.

“As you listen to the answers and the responses in the forum and then also as a voter of course as a voter have a chance to actually ask the questions that are important to you, I think you really get to see which candidate represents my values, which candidate is going to work for the change that I would like to see in the city,” said Ashley Ladbury Hrichena, the Vice President of the League of Women Voters Red River Valley.

They are asked all different kinds of questions…questions that matter to the people of Fargo.

“And I always find it interesting how people answer those questions, so often times you’ll see people you just didn’t expect that kind of answer to what the question is,” said Fargo Mayor, Tim Mahoney.

Mahoney says it’s all about electing people that will create change people are looking for.

“If you vote for a slate of candidates that seem to reflect your thinking, it seems to help us mold the city to fit that need,” Mahoney said.

Those with the league of women voters, say many people don’t get involved with local city elections so debates like these help them choose the candidate that will make the change they are looking for.

“When I first moved to Fargo and the first election I voted in, I think I maybe knew one of the people who was on the ballot and that was the only person I was familiar with and so that was the person I voted for,” Ashley said.

But for people like Ashley, conversations like these give her a new perspective.

“Once I started coming to these candidate forms I realized like really how diverse the candidates are and I was like I would have never voted for this candidate if I didn’t come here,” Ashley said.

Fargo is ever evolving and ever changing so electing people that can continue that positive growth is key.

“Take the time please and vote for the people you think represent what your thoughts are,” Mahoney said.

You can access the full forum on public access with the City of Fargo from now until the election.

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