Looking Back on the 2018 Fargo Marathon and What’s to Come Next Year

"All in all feeling great about the whole feel of events starting from the cyclothon all the way through yesterday's full marathon"

FARGO, N.D. — After 394 days of planning, all of the Fargo Marathon events and races have come to an end.

“All in all feeling great about the whole feel of events starting from the cyclothon all the way through yesterday’s full marathon,” said Executive Director of the Fargo Marathon, Mark Knutson.

Whether you were racing, watching or cheering people on, Fargo Marathon Director, Mark Knutson says everyone played a vital part in the events success.

“To give them that feel, to build the confidence in people, you just can’t get a good enough feeling about that,” Mark said.

Looking back on the week thousands of people took part for different reasons.

“Running a marathon was always something I wanted to do,” said one of the participants.

“Last year I think it was amazing and I want to do it this year,” said one of the participants.

“The most satisfying thing for me is when you hear somebody that ran their first race and really had a good experience had a great time,” Mark said.

Every year is special, but this year was a bit different.

“The 5K finishing inside the Fargodome was really big that was really exciting and of course the kids race starting and finishing inside the Fargodome those are definitely changes I want to stay with next year and hopefully years beyond,” Mark said.

But as for the man behind planning the week, does he ever get to run?

“Maybe someday I don’t know maybe next year I’ll run something in year 15 who knows,” Mark said.

And speaking of that special 15th year, the committee has their wheels spinning…maybe a 15K or a 15 mile run.

“I think we might try to have some fun with that number fifteen,” Mark said.

Everyone walks away with their own stories and their own experiences

“I’m just happy that I have the ability to move my body in the way I do and have the opportunity to actually get on a bike and do a race like this,” said one of the participants.

And each year that grows.

“The community support for the marathon is so great and that word is traveling,” Mark said.

Traveling from all over the country and the world to Fargo to be a part of these races.

And if you’ve never taken the leap to join in Knutson says…

“Don’t be intimidated by it, I think when you hear the word marathon you hear Fargo marathon you think gosh it’s 26.2 miles it doens’t have to be that,” Mark said.

It can be a 5K a 10K or the full 26.2. Whatever you choose, run your race and feel accomplished.

I win.

Planning for next year’s marathon starts almost immediately.

If you can’t wait a full year for the excitement to return, there are events like the mini marathon in the fall.

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