AAA Gives Out Free Helmets to Kids at it’s Annual Bike Helmet Fitting Clinic

AAA gave out roughly 120 helmets

FARGO, N.D. — It’s not enough to simply have and wear a safety helmet when riding your bike. So, Triple A is making sure people also know the importance of having a helmet that fits properly at their annual bike helmet fitting clinic.

“You can’t wear it like that,” a AAA spokesperson instructed. “You have to have it straight on your head when you wear your bike, okay?”

Kids may be eager to put the pedal to the metal this summer, but AAA wants to make sure they’re having fun and riding safely.

“We have some publications that we’re giving them with safety tips in it like try to avoid riding at night when possible and also to always wear that bike helmet because if they do get into trouble, if they do crash we can hopefully prevent a trip to the emergency room,” AAA spokesperson Gene LaDoucer said.

But today’s clinic isn’t only educating kids on wearing helmets, it’s also teaching them exactly how to recognize if a it’s too big or too small.

“I learned that it’s better to be safe and that it needs to be the right size or you never know what’s going to happen,” clinic attendee Sally Aas said.

And to top it off, each child in attendance got to choose a free helmet of their liking

“I want purple,” a three-year old attendee, Skye said.

“I want blue,” five-year old Jaxson added.

“Because it has butterflies,” explained another.

Triple A spokespeople say letting each child choose their own helmet pays off because it makes them even more eager to wear them.

“This kid had the biggest smile on his face as soon as I put the helmet on his head and I’ve had several others who’ve just been very grateful that they’re getting a helmet today,” LaDoucer said. “Then they like to leave here today with that helmet on their head. They don’t even want to take it off. Hopefully they’ll do that when they get home. Every time they get on their bike they’ll think safety.”

LaDoucer says this is the biggest turnout Triple A has seen at their bike helmet fitting clinic.Triple A gave out roughly 120 helmets.


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