Kids Participate in Fargo Parks’ Water Safety Day

They learned important skills while having fun in the water

FARGO, N.D. — The Fargo Park District hosted Water Safety Day, where kids got to learn some important skills while having fun too.

“They feel better when they’re comfortable, and they’re also safer when they’re comfortable,” Isabelle Sinkler, a lifeguard, said.

“If you educate them, they’ll know what to do in a situation if they ever have to, try to save their friends or something,” Vincent Feola, a camp counselor with YMCA, said.

Kids are tested by swimming the distance of the pool without stopping, and if they pass, they can jump off the diving board. They also learn how to pick out a life jacket that fits properly and float on their backs– a skill lifeguards say is the hardest for kids.

“Holding them helps, then slowly pulling one hand away, another, then they realize, ‘oh, I can do it,'” Sinkler said.

She says that realization is one of the most rewarding parts.

“Once they master a skill they can do, they get so excited and they want to do it over and over,” Sinkler said.

Another skill kids learn is if they see someone struggling in the water, throw a floatation device to them so they can stay afloat until help arrives.

Ultimately, knowing how to float is important in any type of water.

“If the kids were at the lake or at the pool and happen to fall, they would know what to do to keep their head above water and save as much energy as possible,” Sean Rider with the Fargo Park District said.

“Whether you’re in shallow or deep water, floating allows for more time for us guards to get to you, even at a lake, floating allows more time for people to come help you,” Sinkler said.

Fargo Parks hosts a variety of pool events throughout the summer. For more information, click here.

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