President Trump Praises Cramer, Slams Heitkamp in Tweet

President Donald Trump is reaffirming his support for Republican Congressman Kevin Cramer in the North Dakota U.S. Senate race.

In a tweet, the president congratulated Cramer on his primary win and said we need him in the senate.

His tweet says “Heidi voted ‘no’ on our tax cuts and always will vote ‘no’ when we need her.”

The president is planning a campaign rally in Duluth next week to support a GOP–endorsed congressional candidate.

He has not announced any plans to stop in North Dakota on Cramer’s behalf.

Heidi Heitkamp for North Dakota Communications Director, Julia Krieger, issued a statement after the Tweet was reported:

“After weeks of headlines on Heidi’s proven ability to put politics aside and achieve results for North Dakota through a productive relationship with the president, it’s no surprise that Congressman Cramer needed a lifeline reminder of an announcement made back in March. Heidi’s focus will remain not on pleasing whoever is in the White House, but standing up for North Dakotans.”


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