Fathers and their Kiddos are Celebrating the Day All About Dad

Dads and their kids got creative when finding ways to celebrate the special day

FARGO, N.D. — It’s a day all about dads and people in our area are out and about saying thank you to their old man.

Creative outings in town give dads and their kids a fun way to celebrate.

Whether they are eating his favorite meal, playing his go to game or trying something new, these dads are just happy to be with their kiddos.

“More and more it seems like over the years Fargo Moorhead is getting more and more stuff we can do not just for adults but also with the kids,” said Wade Christensen, a dad celebrating Father’s Day.

Wade and his two boys Chase and Lane, are taking advantage of what the metro has this Father’s Day.

“And we just get messy so were letting ice cream drip all over us; we’re just having fun,” Christensen said.

They started off their day go carting, making memories with each giggle.

“Probably crashing on the go cart course or bumping each other,” Christensen said.

They weren’t the only ones taking part in the fun.

Dads and their kids got creative at Plains Art Museum in downtown Fargo while making pottery and others enjoyed a day in the sun at Wild Terra.

“We appreciate art in our family and charcoal is something my children like doing so I thought it would be fun to do something s that kids feel like a fancy artist and do something in charcoal or for older kids too just for something really fun foe the parents,” said Breezee Hennings, the owner of Wild Terra.

While the adults sat back and enjoyed a cool, refreshing drink, the kids tried their best to replicate dad.

“While their drawing dad and just to have dad pay attention to them to his children and focus on them for a few minutes is really important to children,” Breezee said.

Many local businesses are helping create life long memories for families.

“We’re just trying to keep it more of a family friendly environment,” Breezee said.

Something these kids are noticing.

“It was awesome,” said Christensen’s son Chase.

Life gets busy but today these dad’s aren’t letting that get in the way.

“You try to spend as much time as you can and soak everything in but it’s like all of a sudden he’s a baby and it’s like just the other day he was a baby,” Christensen said.

Appreciating the reason they are being celebrated this Father’s Day.

“It’s everything, they’re my whole world I mean there is absolutely nothing better than these two boys in my life,” Christensen said.

And fun fact, the first Father’s Day was celebrated in 1910, 108 years ago.

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