Family, Friends Light Floating Lanterns for Cameron Bolton

His parents say they will never see another rainbow the same way

WEST FARGO, N.D. — To honor the son, brother and friend 22-year-old Cameron Bolton was, his family and those close to him released candlelight lanterns into the sky.

Each person at the lighting ceremony wrote a special message on the lanterns, most of them favorite memories people had with Bolton. Fireworks were also set off as a way to celebrate Bolton’s life. His parents decided to donate his organs and afterwards saw a rainbow. They believed it was a sign they made the right choice and it’s why they will never look at all those colors in the sky the same way.

“Looked out the window. It wasn’t raining, nothing. It was the biggest, brightest rainbow and it was our sign from God that Cameron was in heaven and it’s what we all needed for closure,” said Sarah Fisher, Cameron’s mother.

“For this many people to show up, even at this event and see this many people, it just speaks volumes to his character,” said Arlin Fisher, Cameron’s stepfather.

Bolton’s parents also want people to know they should have a living will no matter what age they are because if anyone else has to ever go through an experience like theirs, it will help along the way.

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