Getting Your Fireworks Fix Before the Fourth of July

July 3rd and 4th are the busiest days of the year for places like Memory Fireworks

HORACE, N.D. — Sparks are getting ready to fly for Uncle Sam’s birthday tomorrow but before they do, you’ll need to get some fireworks.

KVRR’s Danielle Church has more on everyone getting their last minute purchases.

Today and tomorrow are the busiest days Memory Fireworks has all year.

People flood into their shop all hours to spend a pretty penny on some fun for the holiday.

Someone spent more than $12,000 on fireworks this Fourth of July season.

It’s been the biggest sale they’ve had so far on this year’s holiday. Memory Fireworks has 35 locations all over North Dakota.

While sales on the Fourth of July have always been the same for stores here in Fargo, their locations on the west side of the state are seeing a huge improvement in sales because there’s no longer a drought.

Part of the reason Memory Fireworks has always seen so much success during the fourth is because it can make people feel free.

“It allows us to celebrate our independence and the fact that people can do what they want to do in their yard or on their farm or lake house. It allows people to celebrate that and to do something different than they do the rest of the year,” said Ron Knutson, manager at Memory Fireworks. “So I have a lot of people telling me it’s their favorite holiday of the year.”

Before you set anything off, check with your local law enforcement about what you can and cannot fire up on the Fourth.

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