USDA Cites NDSU For Violating Animal Welfare Act

PETA Wants USDA To Issue Fines

FARGO, N.D. — PETA is calling on the USDA to fine NDSU for the deaths of research animals.

The university was cited after an inspection in May for violating the Animal Welfare Act.

According to USDA records, eleven lambs died from trauma after being confined to a small pen with more than 200 other sheep.

In another incident, pigs died of dehydration after staff failed to provide water.

In a statement, NDSU says it is working with the USDA and corrective action has been taken for both events.

Read statements from both NDSU and PETA below.


NDSU statement:

Dr. Neil Dyer, NDSU attending veterinarian (AV), and the Institutional Animal Care and Use (IACUC) compliance administrator reported to the USDA two adverse events that occurred at the NDSU large animal facilities. NDSU large animal facility employees were interviewed by the AV, the IACUC Administrator and the USDA Veterinary Medical Officer (VMO) and a USDA report was generated by the VMO.

Working with the USDA, corrective action for both events has been implemented by the AV and IACUC administrator. This plan includes identification and description of the problem, root cause analysis, development of a remediation plan and future monitoring. In addition, NDSU will host a USDA pilot program for announced inspections onsite that will instruct employees about USDA Animal Welfare Act compliance.

PETA statement:

North Dakota State University (NDSU) considers itself a top-tier research institution, but it can’t even manage to provide the animals in its laboratories with water and protection from being trampled. Earlier today, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) revealed that it had cited North Dakota State University for critical violations of the federal Animal Welfare Act. The citations stem from an incident in which 11 lambs died from trauma after being confined to a small pen with more than 200 other sheep and another incident in which pigs died of dehydration after staff failed to provide them with water. These incidents are not isolated. The last three USDA inspections have resulted in eight separate citations against NDSU involving filthy housing and more. Given NDSU’s troubling pattern of failing to comply with federal animal welfare laws, PETA is calling on the USDA to fine the school and is asking the National Institutes of Health to investigate and determine whether any of the animal deaths at NDSU occurred in connection with taxpayer-supported projects. The university should repay all tax money wasted on projects in which NDSU staff allowed animals to suffer and die of dehydration or trauma.

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