Fargo Man Hopes This Year’s AirSho Captivates a New Generation of Pilots

Paul Bernabucci has been on the AirSho committee since 1995

FARGO, N.D. —¬†Every spin of the propeller and roar of the engine gives many people different reasons to be excited about the Fargo AirSho, ranging from the Blue Angels to the people and new technology.

But for one man, the mere mention of an airshow revs up his engines.

“Oh I can’t miss an airshow. I’ll drive long distances to go to airshows, so if there’s one in Fargo, I have to be part of it,” said Paul Bernabucci, a member of the Fargo AirSho committee.

After becoming a licensed pilot in 1977, Bernabucci began to look for ways to combine his passions for airplanes and history, leading him to join the Commemorative Air Force and fly restored aircraft.

“History is a part of aviation. I mean the passion for aviation makes you want to learn more and more about ‘where did this start? Orville and Wilbur. Who were the first buyers of planes? Who were the first pilots?,” said Bernabucci.

Bernabucci has been involved with the Fargo AirSho for more than 20 years, and he hopes that this year’s air show introduces a generation to a lifelong passion of aviation.

“I am hoping that the passion grows among all people. Today, less than one percent of the population are licensed pilots. Less than one percent,” said Bernabucci.

But seeing large crowds of people, especially children, taking in the aerial spectacle makes him optimistic.

“That’s exactly what we’re hoping for,” said Bernabucci.

The Fargo AirSho wraps up Sunday at 11am with performances from the U.S. Navy Blue Angels and several aerobatic displays from different planes. Gates open at 9am.

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