Commemorative Air Force

Taking Flight In A B-25 Mitchell Bomber

B-25 Mitchell Bomber Will Be Shown Off In Display Flight At The Fargo AirSho

  FARGO, N.D. — The Fargo AirSho is this Saturday and Sunday, but you can already see some of the iconic planes in action in the skies of the Metro. It’s hard to miss the Blue Angles. Those F-18’s are loud when they fly overhead. You’ll be able to see and hear them today as they practice for the weekend….

WWII AirPower History Tour at Fargo Air Museum

One of only two flying B–29's left in the world is in town for a week

FARGO, N.D. — Fargo Air Museum is welcoming a piece of history into town, and you can take a ride. A World War Two bomber named FIFI is here for a week. The 75–year old plane is one of only two flying B–29’s left in the world. It’s here as part of the AirPower History Tour, presented by the Commemorative…

Fargo Man Hopes This Year’s AirSho Captivates a New Generation of Pilots

Paul Bernabucci has been on the AirSho committee since 1995

FARGO, N.D. — Every spin of the propeller and roar of the engine gives many people different reasons to be excited about the Fargo AirSho, ranging from the Blue Angels to the people and new technology. But for one man, the mere mention of an airshow revs up his engines. “Oh I can’t miss an airshow. I’ll drive long distances to…