Taking Flight In A B-25 Mitchell Bomber

B-25 Mitchell Bomber Will Be Shown Off In Display Flight At The Fargo AirSho


FARGO, N.D. — The Fargo AirSho is this Saturday and Sunday, but you can already see some of the iconic planes in action in the skies of the Metro.
It’s hard to miss the Blue Angles. Those F-18’s are loud when they fly overhead. You’ll be able to see and hear them today as they practice for the weekend.
But there are some other planes that you might have seen heading up to the AirSho, including an old beauty, a B-25 Mitchell Bomber.

The Fargo AirSho and Minnesota Wing of the Commemorative Air Force were generous enough to give KVRR a ride on the World War 2-era plane ahead of the AirSho.
The B-25 Mitchell Bomber gained fame for its use in the Doolittle Raid, the 1942 U.S. attack that was the first major retaliation for the attack on Pearl Harbor.
This specific plane was built in 1944 and used by the Army for training. Now it’s painted in honor of Miss Mitchell, a plane that flew more than 130 missions in World War 2 without a single crew casualty.
The Commemorative Air Force got the plane around 1980 and spent a dozen years restoring it.
They’ve been flying it since 1992, giving people a taste of what life was like fighting overseas.
It was an amazing experience. Our photographer Alexis and I got to see the entire Metro area from about 2,500 feet in the air.
The views were extraordinary. I was especially awe-struck looking at the Red River snake its way through town.
We felt what it was like to take off and land. It’s a lot bumpier than your regular commercial jet.
Space was cramped. I literally had to crawl into the back of the plane and the rear gunner position.
We got to feel what it was like to man the guns.
And it was loud! You literally could not talk. We all had headphones and a microphone system so we could communicate.
We were hot in flight suits. We couldn’t take a step without clinging onto something for support. I couldn’t stand up straight. But it was something I’ll never forget. And it gives me a little more of an appreciation for what brave soldiers endured fighting for our country nearly 80 years ago.
The Commemorative Air Force is performing flight demos this weekend at the AirSho.
They’re not giving flights for the public during the show, but they will after the show finishes each day if there are enough people interested.
Warning: they’re not cheap. Flights cost $450 per person.

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