Police Want Drivers to Be Extra Alert as Kids Head Back to School

More officers will be patrolling area schools over the next few days

With kids heading back to school soon, police want drivers to be more careful. Extra officers will be at area schools over the next few days to make sure everyone is following traffic rules.

If you know you drive through a school zone on your way to work, you may want to budget in a few extra minutes into your commute.

“A lot of times, people are creatures of habit. They get used to going to work at a certain time. Now you’re going to have a disrupter. Basically there’s going to be increased traffic,” Sgt. Jim Kringlie of the Fargo Police Department said.

With kids walking, biking, or riding school buses, police want drivers to be extra alert.

Even if you’re following all the signs, kids can still run out unexpectedly from buses, in neighborhoods, or when gathered at a bus stop.

“Kids will be kids, and they tend to play. Sometimes they will run into the street. Motorists aren’t used to kids hanging around by bus stops. We just want them to be aware of it,” Kringlie said.

Remember that you can’t pass a school bus that has its lights and stop sign on in either direction or you will face a fine.

“A lot of kids, especially the younger kids, just run out. The school bus is blocking the view to a lot of motorists. So, just be aware, don’t get close to the school bus, because kids are going to run out in every direction,” Kringlie said.

Police say the 10 feet around a school bus where kids are in most danger of being hit. Make sure you always follow directions from crossing guards and officers.

Even if you don’t see any police officers, that doesn’t mean nobody’s watching. Some school buses actually have cameras attached to the outside.

“It’s really good evidence,” Kringlie said.

The first of school will be on Thursday, Aug. 23 for Fargo and Tuesday, Aug. 28 for West Fargo.

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