Secretary of Commerce Meets With TrueNorth Steel Employees About Trade

the U.S. used to produce 50 percent of the world's steel, but that number has dropped significantly

FARGO, N.D. — Two major administration officials are in Fargo to meet with Congressman Kevin Cramer and North Dakotans to talk about how trade has been impacting our state.

They include Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross and USDA Deputy Secretary of Agriculture Stephen Censky.

The United States used to produce 50 percent of the world’s steel. Today, that number has dropped significantly to less than five percent.

Sec. Ross says from 2001-2013, the U.S. lost more than 65,000 industrial factories. Since last year, he says a little more than 4,000 have been added thanks to the current administration. Sec. Ross spoke to employees at TrueNorth Steel in Fargo, who says their revenue has also increased and more jobs have been created because of President Trump’s tariffs.

“We do not want to become dependent on other nations for the products that you are making right here. These products are critical to our nation’s infrastructure. Our objective at the end of the day is not big tariffs. Our objective is a level playing field, trade that’s free, that’s fair and most importantly, that’s reciprocal,” said Sec. Ross.

Sec. Ross says Trump hopes to reach an agreement with Mexico on NAFTA by August 31 and then he will focus on trade agreements with Canada.

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