Moorhead Herberger’s Open for One More Day; Fargo Store Closed Sunday

It is still unclear what will take the store's place at West Acres and Moorhead Center Mall

You’ve probably seen the signs about Herberger’s discounts over the summer… but now, it’s all coming to an end.

“I just wanted to walk through it one last time, because I’ve grown up going there and hanging out so it was one last time before they closed. I used to go to this Herberger’s a lot,” Kallie Frost, a shopper, said.

Frost is just one of many shoppers who are sad to see the store go.

The Fargo Herberger’s closed its doors on Sunday, and the Moorhead location will be open for one more day, shutting its doors on Wednesday.

“Most of the things Herberger’s has is quality product. You can’t really find most of it out there. I don’t know what I’m going to do though, probably find another store,” Isoken Ekhator said.

“It’s really sad because it’s one of my favorite places I love shopping at, and it’s actually going to hurt my feelings so much that my favorite store is going,” Ulanda Edafe said.

When parent company Bon Ton first announced its bankruptcy in April, West Acres said a third party developer will decide what will take its place.

KVRR reached out to West Acres for an update, but did not receive a response.

Representatives at the Moorhead Center Mall what will be put in Herberger’s place won’t be announced until a lease is signed.

“[I wanted] to see what was left for the last two days which is nothing. Don’t bother to come because there’s nothing to buy,” Rosalind Scanlon said.

While cameras weren’t allowed in the store, KVRR saw mostly empty racks and few small piles of merchandise.

“It’s almost all just fixtures, mannequins. If you have your own business or retailer, it’d be a good place to come stop by but other than that it was just a lot of kind left over kind of janky stuff that you wouldn’t really want. I wasn’t finding anything too good,” Frost said.

Many shoppers say they hope another retailer will take its place.

“Let’s get a nice new store in here,” Scanlon said.

Bon Ton owned over 260 stores across the country, including Bergner’s, Boston Store, Younkers.

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