NWS Summary of Polk & Clearwater Counties Tornadoes

Tornado 1 –
9 SW Winger to 5 WNW Fosston


Date August 26, 2018
Time (Local) 11:30 – 11:46 pm
EF Rating EF-1
Est. Peak Winds 110 mph
Path Length 16 miles
Max Width 100 yards
Injuries/Deaths None

This tornado first touched down near a farmstead 9 miles southwest of Winger. Numerous barns, sheds, and outbuildings were damaged, along with the loss of a portion of the roof from a farmhouse. The tornado caused periodic tree damage before encountering another farmstead 3.5 miles to the northeast. Numerous trees were snapped at this location, along with a destroyed outbuilding, grain bins rolled off of their foundation and tossed 100-200 yards, and roof damage to a farmhouse. Additional tree damage occurred before the tornado reached the city of Winger. Numerous houses within the city saw roof and siding damage, several grain bins were destroyed, and dozens of trees were uprooted or had trucks snapped. The tornado then tracked several more miles to the northeast before lifting 5 miles west-northwest of Fosston.

Tornado 2 –
3 NNE Fosston to 9 NNW Leonard


Date August 26-27, 2018
Time (Local) 11:51 pm – 12:12 am
EF Rating EF-1
Est. Peak Winds 100 mph
Path Length 26 miles
Max Width 200 yards
Injuries/Deaths None

This tornado touched down north-northeast of Fosston, tracking northeast along County Road 3. South of Pine Lake, dozens of acres of sunflowers were badly damaged. Along the northeast shores of Pine Lake, several campers and pontoons were tossed or rolled, and several lakeside cabins had broken windows and badly damaged or partially removed roofs. Lakeside pontoons and boats were damaged, with one pontoon tossed about 100 yards onto the shore, and dozens of trees were snapped, uprooted, or otherwise damaged. Several miles northeast of Clearbrook, two farm outbuildings sustained major roof damage, and one house had a wooden stake driven into its steel roof. Throughout its northeast track, the tornado touched down intermittently, badly damaging, uprooting, or snapping over 200 trees.


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