LIVE: Sleep Tips For Students

Sanford Pediatric Sleep Specialist Tells Us How To Balance Sleep And Studies


Dr. Setty Arveity, a Pediatric Sleep Specialist at Sanford, tells us how to make sure our teens and college students get enough sleep now that school has started.

Dr. Setty says most students don’t have trouble adjusting to earlier schedules during the school year, but if there is a problem, he offers some tips.

The first method is widely known. Basically, if you can’t get to sleep one night, stay awake and avoid naps the next day. Then you’ll be able to fall asleep at your normal time the next night.

Dr. Setty says there’s a second, less-known method. You can slowly change a student’s bedtime by rolling it back 15 minutes each night until they go to bed at the right time.

Dr. Setty also warns against caffeine use to stay awake. He says it disrupts sleep once you do try to go to bed, so maybe try holding off on energy drinks or coffee.

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